Dansk Skalform a/s is a modern foundry specialized in Shell-mould and Lost-wax casting.
Dansk Skalform a/s is located on two sites in Aars, Denmark. 
CEO: Søren Dissing.
COO: Peter Dissing.
Dansk Skalform a/s has 70 employees: 50 Blue- and 20 White-shirts. 
See menu-item: Facilities for details about foundry equipment. 


Dansk Skalform a/s was founded in 1975 by Diploma Engineer Holger Dissing. Holger Dissing started casting in his private garage using his first self-made core-machine. After his studies in Duisburg, Germany as a foundry-engineer specialist, he worked as a Meehanite Service Engineer traveling around the world. After having worked in various foundries, he started on his own in a small location in Aars. 

Melting furnace year 1976

The Foundry-man

A man casting with a ladle. 
This sketch was made by Holger Dissing in Duisburg 1961.

The Foundry-man